Grand Canyon Sunset Option

Grand Canyon Sunset TourHow do you make your visit better, knowing you’re already headed to one of the 7 Wonders of the World?  Add a Sunset.

First, if you’ve never seen the Grand Canyon, you’re going to be overwhelmed.  One of our favorite moments is watching our Guests get that first glimpse.  No matter how much you’ve seen online, it’s not even close to standing on its edge.  Nothing can prepare you.

My take on staying for the Sunset might not be what you’d expect.  Simply, it’s not for everyone.  Depending on the time of year (Summer or Winter), the experience can be challenging.

During the Summer months the days are warm (low 90’s), which will wear you out.  Add the thin air of 7300 feet, and by 4PM most are ready to the trip home.  Sunset is typically @ 7:30PM, so even though you’re leaving a bit later in the morning, it’s still makes for a VERY long day.

Oh, the Winter…lol  The upside is that the sun sets around 5:30PM.  You’re only pushing back your departure time by 1:30 hours.  The catch?  During the day it might only reach 15 degrees.  When the Sun sets, within 10 minutes it can drop another 20 degrees.  That’s chilly, in anyone’s book.  If you’re not prepared, it can be dangerous.

Of course we’ve got it down to a science.  Staying for the sunset is our # 1 request, so we do a lot of them.  In the Summer we have plenty of water and sunscreen.  In the winter, blankets (and sometimes portable heaters).  Don’t forget, you can also hangout in the warm vehicle, until it’s time to soak in the view.  Don’t run though, it can be

Now the upside.  You’re at an absolutely incredible place, watching the Sun set.  It’s not even about the sky changing colors.  We’ll tell you to watch the canyon as the Sun dips lower in the sky.  The rocks start to change colors, revealing a different look, few stay to see.

A Sunset tour to the Grand Canyon can be incredible, but expect your day to be a bit more involved than our standard Grand Canyon Tour.  Well worth it, for those not wanting to leave an experience behind.

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