Grand Canyon National Park (South Rim) from Las Vegas

todds amazing tours arizona toursBecause of the HUGE DEMAND, we’ve opened a “Summer Only” tour season originating from the Las Vegas area.  Most of our Guests come back for a second (third) tour, and increasingly asked for our private tours out of Vegas.  Most discovered “true” luxury private tours were non-existent in the Vegas area.


You’ll depart Vegas @ 7AM.  Need a little extra time, not a problem.  Your Guide will send you a text message once he/she arrives.  Simply send one back that you need more time.

    • Hoover Dam Stop:  Observing the Hoover Dam from the ground is the ONLY way to get a sense of its size.
    • Seligman, AZ:  The town of Seligman was the inspiration for the Pixar movie “Cars”.  You’ll have a chance to stretch your legs and grab a quick snack before continuing your journey.
    • Williams, AZ:  Williams was a popular stop on Old Route 66 in the 1950’s.  The town has done an amazing job of retaining the look and feel of Old Route 66.
    • Additional time to explore at the Grand Canyon.  Typically our Guests get an additional 1.5 hours over the typical group tours.
    • Remote Overlooks – Our Guests are AMAZED by the views from the more remote overlooks.
    • Your Guide is with you, start to finish.  By the time you arrive at the Grand Canyon, he/she will have created the perfect tour around what you’re most interested in seeing. 

Of course we’ll stop when needed.  Need a restroom break?  Want to stretch your legs?  Not a problem.

LUNCH (not included): We suggest you grab a quick bite outside the Grand Canyon National Park.  It’s typically quicker, leaving more time to explore.  Important when you’re looking maximize your time inside the Park exploring.

Do you prefer a sit down meal at one of the historic lodges on the rim of the Canyon?  Easy.  Your Guide will chat with you, and present your lunch options.

HELICOPTER TOUR (extra):  Is it possible to see all the incredible overlooks AND still take a helicopter tour?  Absolutely, but there are a few things to consider.

    • 40-50 minute flight – The helicopter tour is about 1.5 hours from start to finish.  This leaves about 2.5 hours to explore the Park.
    • 20-30 minute flight – Totaling about an hour; including your pre-flight check-in, leaves you about 2 hours to explore.
    • You’ll have the opportunity to purchase your helicopter tour during checkout.

We will adjust your ground tour to maximize your time.  Again, your not relying on others to keep everything on schedule.  Our luxury private tours, allow you to maximize every second, making for a more enjoyable experience.

RIDE HOME:  With minimal stops, it’s about 4.5 hours back to Vegas from the Grand Canyon National Park.  Like the trip out to the Grand Canyon, you’ll welcome the comfort one of our luxury vehicles offer.  Also, many of our vehicles are equipped with DVD players, with our Airstream RV featuring mobile Satellite TV.

THE DIFFERENCE - South Rim (National Park) vs West Rim

South Rim

South Rim

  • National Park – Located @ the Widest (18 miles) and Deepest (1 mile) park of the Grand Canyon.
  • Grand Canyon Village – Home of the El Tovar Hotel & Bright Angel Lodge, with the El Tovar dating back to 1905.
  • Mather Point – Jetting out from the side of the Canyon, Mather Point is the most photographed overlook @ the Grand Canyon.
  • Rim Trail – Following the edge of the Grand Canyon for 2.5 miles, the Rim Trail is the longest Canyon side trail.
  • Historic Grand Canyon Railroad Depot, dating back to 1901.
  • Hopi House, Look-Out-Studio, Kolb Studio and the VerKamps Curio Store are all within walking distance.
West Rim

West Rim

  • Closer – Only 2.5 hours from Vegas (vs 4.5 hours to the South Rim)
  • Hualapai Reservation – Located @ the tail-end of the Grand Canyon.
    • (Not as wide or deep as South Rim)
  • Skywalk – Glass “horseshoe” glass bridge 500 feet above the nearest ground…
    • (5 Minutes only on bridge – No Photos)
  • Eagle Point – An unobstructed view of the Canyon below.
  •  Zip-Line (extra) – Soar 500 feet above the ground @ 40mph
    • $60 Extra Fee

If you ask 10 people that have visited both the the Grand Canyon National Park and the West Rim; 9 will pick the National Park as their favorite. 

The one that picked the West Rim?  If prodded, they’ll typically admit the South Rim was better, but they prefer the shorter

Hands down the South Rim is the “True” Grand Canyon. 

  • It’s where the Grand Canyon is at its widest (18 miles).
  • It’s deepest (1 mile deep)
  • The ONLY place you can see all 40 sediment layers.

Not to mention; the history of the Grand Canyon Village, dating back to the late 1800’s.  When you read about the Grand Canyon, they’re talking about the South Rim.  The drive from Vegas is a bit long, but the payoff is worth it.

Price Comparison - Private vs Group Tour

Todd walks you through a tour price comparison. Mixed Group Tours compared to our Private Tour. Doing a Private Grand Canyon Tour may not seen so out of reach once Todd breaks it down, dollar for dollar.

Private vs Group Tour - The Advantages of going Private.

It’s going to be hard for you to not have a great time on your Private Tours.  Simply, you’re in charge.  We can change things at a moments notice, ensuring you and your group/family have an AMAZING TIME!

todds amazing tours arizona toursOur price is “per-day” NOT “per-Guest”.  The price does not change based on how many people are in your group; rather the vehicle you choose.  Your Family/Group are the ONLY Guests in the vehicle.  We pick you up where you’re staying.   You’re our ONLY stop.  Your tour is 100% custom; tailored around YOUR wants/needs.

Mercedes Luxury Sprinter - (Seats 14)

Grand canyon Tour - Sprinter
    • Wide, Comfortable Seating
    • Table
    • 32″ TV/DVD
    • Easy Entry/Exit
    • Quiet Interior
*Todd's Amazing Tours Exclusive*


Airstream Deluxe RV - (Seats 8)

Grand Canyon Tour - Airstream
    • Our “Rolling Resort”
    • Front Seating & Rear Lounge
    • Two (2) TV’s, Mobile Satellite
    • Bathroom, Kitchenette & Refrigerator
    • Airstream Luxury
*Todd's Amazing Tours Exclusive*
Todd's Amazing Tours Airstream
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Transit Custom - (Seats 8)

Grand CAnyon Tour - Ford Transit
    • Custom Built Interior
    • “Super” Wide Seating
    • Rommy Interior
    • Reclining Leather Seats
    • 27″ TV/DVD
*More Legroom than our SUV's*

Luxury SUV - (Seats 6)

Grand Canyon Tour - GMC Denali
    • Only “Premium Class” SUV’s
    • Three (3) Captains Chairs w/Rear Bench Seat
    • Rear Entertainment – TV/DVD
    • Ultra Quiet Interior
    • Heated/Cooled Seating
*Nothing Ordinary*

Cadillac XTS Sedan - (Seats 3)

Grand Canyon Tours Cadillac XTS
    • Ultra Quiet Ride
    • Rear Seating Extra Spacious
    • Perfect for Two/Three Guests
Spend Over $1400 Elsewhere


Mercedes S600 Maybach Sedan - (Seats 3)

    • Exceeds Rolls Royce & Bentley
    • Rear Reclining Seats
    • Leg Extension
    • Message
    • Rear Entertainment
"Todd's Amazing Tour Exclusive"