FAQ Grand Canyon Tours
FAQ Grand Canyon Tours

Yes, and Todd takes it even further.  Todd, being the perfectionist his is, isn’t happy with simply “passing”.  He strives to be “the best”, and has the awards to prove it.  A VERY small percentage of transportation companies have a “perfect compliance inspection” from the AZDOT.

What does it mean?  Simply, you can trust having your family in one of our vehicles.

Cancellations: Tours;

  • 48hrs before start time, ZERO cancellation fee will be charged.
  • 48hrs – 24hrs before Tour, 50% of the confirmation amount will be charged (to include Guides 15% gratuity).
  • 24hrs to start of Tour, the full amount on the confirmation will be charged (to include Guides 15% gratuity).

Why Cancellations Fees?

If you cancel within 48hrs of your tour, the odds are very poor that your assigned Guide will be assigned another tour.  Simply, they lost income.  If you cancel within 24hrs of your tour, your Guide has zero opportunity.  In both of the above situations, Todd compensates his Guides, passing along this fee to you.

NOTE:  We have the BEST Guides in Arizona partly because Todd looks after his Guides in a professional and personal manner.  Each have families, bills and have committed to Todd and Todd’s Amazing Tours.  They deserve Todd’s support when cancellations take place.

The base fare you’ll see on your reservation confirmation includes;

  • The Vehicle
  • Guide

What’s NOT included?

  • Entry Fees/Taxes in the Grand Canyon National Park.
  • Your Guides tip (Guests typically find 15% is popular).
  • Extra Tours; such as a helicopter tour, jeep tour, walking tour.
  • Entry Fees into National Monuments, State Parks and Local Attractions.
  • Lunch.

We understand that if you’re enjoying a snack or beverage it’s nearly impossible to keep track of every crumb.  Our cleaning fee kicks in when the mess at the end of the day requires “extra” time.  Nuts are a HUGE challenge, since the shells can easily get away from you while traveling.  The nut shells then take their own tour of the interior, lodging in all the hidden crack and gaps.  I pop spilt on the floor would be another example.  Our typical fee is $150.

Absolutely!  We are certified through the great State of Arizona to legally allow our Guests to enjoy an adult beverage.  The only rule, no glass containers and those that drink must be seated behind the driver (no drinking in the front passenger seat).

Absolutely!  It’s a long day.  However, we suggest food that doesn’t make a above every mess.  Example: If you have peanuts, and the shells for 12+ hours get tossed on the floor of the vehicle, you’ll end up being charged a cleaning fee.  We HATE doing this (and it’s only happened twice), but tracking down nut shells, cracker crumbs and potato chips takes a ton of extra time.  The vehicle needs to be perfect for the next Guests.

Simple, one.  The only exception is if you request to make a second stop to pick-up family/friends from a different location.

The remote overlooks are often never explored by those visiting the Grand Canyon.  We’ve discovered most tourists simply don’t know they are there.  Also, many of the tour companies that visit the Park, don’t have the time to visit them.  Our goal is to have each of our Guests visit as many remote overlooks as possible.  They offer a very different perspective of the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River below.

Simple answer; yes.  There are walks/hikes for every fitness level.  The Rim Trail, which follows the edge of the Grand Canyon is paved.  There are few uphill sections, and can be as short/long as you feel comfortable.  Keep in mind, the South Rim is at 7,500 feet in elevation (almost 1.5 miles).  The air is a bit thin, so you will get fatigued quicker.

First, there is NO additional charge to do a quick stop in Sedona.  We encourage it.  However, if you’re looking to maximize your time at the Grand Canyon, you will sacrifice about over an hour and a half making a stop in Sedona.  This still leaves you about 3.5 hours inside the Grand Canyon National Park.

We have done 1000’s of tours, and can count on one hand the cancellations.  If the road are safe, we suggest you go.  Rarely is the Grand Canyon socked in, however it can happen.  At 7500 feet in elevation, clouds typically “roll” into the Canyon.  Think of a punch bowl full of dry ice.  The clouds spill into the Canyon, blocking the view.  We have excellent luck finding a clear spot.

BOTTOM LINE:  We will call and tell you if we feel the tour should be canceled.  Ultimately it’s your choice if the road are clear and safe.