Malcolm Ord - Tour Guide

A Note from Todd:

“In 2016 I began making the transition from local transportation, to  conducting full time tours.  Working 7 days a week and doing 5 tours a week, I needed help.

Malcolm saved the day.

If you were to ask Malcolm if he thought he was any good, he’d simply say, “I love meeting people, and showing off Arizona.  The rest is easy.”  While it might be easy for him, there’s nothing easy about the job.  Simply put, Malcolm is a good person, and those lucky enough to have Malcolm as their Guide, are truly in for a treat.

As a Business owner I’m proud to have Malcolm as a friend and business partner.”

~ Todd Mittness – Owner Mittness Enterprises, LLC

A Note from Malcolm:

“Hello, my name is Malcolm. I have worked in the transportation and service industry for 30 years. Since joining Mittness Enterprises (Todd’s Amazing Tours) I have conducted hundreds of tours.

My goal is to help my guests design the tour of their dreams. I strive to make if fun, knowledgeable and safe. Over the years I have trained and mentored numerous guides for this company. I’m proud of the numerous 5 star reviews my guest have posted. My time with Mittness Enterprises has been exciting and rewarding.

Arizona is a beautiful and diverse environment. I would love the opportunity to show you the wonders this state has to offer.

Thank you, Sincerely Malcolm”