Cancelation Policy? – ? VIDEO

Cancellations: Tours;

  • 48hrs before start time, ZERO cancellation fee will be charged.
  • 48hrs – 24hrs before Tour, 50% of the confirmation amount will be charged (to include Guides 15% gratuity).
  • 24hrs to start of Tour, the full amount on the confirmation will be charged (to include Guides 15% gratuity).

Why Cancellations Fees?

If you cancel within 48hrs of your tour, the odds are very poor that your assigned Guide will be assigned another tour.  Simply, they lost income.  If you cancel within 24hrs of your tour, your Guide has zero opportunity.  In both of the above situations, Todd compensates his Guides, passing along this fee to you.

NOTE:  We have the BEST Guides in Arizona partly because Todd looks after his Guides in a professional and personal manner.  Each have families, bills and have committed to Todd and Todd’s Amazing Tours.  They deserve Todd’s support when cancellations take place.